FTTH Conference in Khuzestan Ahwaz Telecom Company

November 31st, 2016, Ahwaz, Telecom Company — Rahyab Ertebat Pars conducted a conference on FTTX solutions specifically GPON services. At the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Zanganeh (CEO and Chairman of R.E.Pars) gave an introduction to Fiber to the Home and G.PON solutions.

Then the attendants brought up questions regarding the how-to’s of the work and Mr. Zanganeh gave an in-depth tutorial on designing an FTTH project from scratch.

Specifically, optical splitters were introduced and the splitter loss were addressed in the process of designing GPON projects. Different types of fiber implementation were discussed, and at the end, there was a presentation of GPON OLT and ONT/ONU configuration. Three laboratory scenarios were presented and the config for each of these scenarios were displayed to the audience.

Many questions were raised and asked in the presentation, since it was an open conference, so a friendly atmosphere were kept throughout the presentation.

After the lab, some pictures of recent Industrial District of Ahwaz project were displayed on the screen so the audience learn how a true FTTH project is done and what issues are brought up during the installation and execution of such massive projects.

Some of the pictures of the conference are shown here and there’s a link to a video of the chosen recordings of the event: